Internal Doors

Our INTERNAL DOORS are made in every material; from the most traditional (national or blonde walnut, cherry-wood, oak, etc) to the most modern and trendy ones (fir and bleached or varnished brushed oak, open-pore varnished ash, bleached larch).The doors have a thickness of 49 mm, they are equipped with acoustic seal, magnetic lock, rollaway hinges or traditional exposed steel hinges and coplanar snap-fitting casing. The internal structure is 60×40 mm and in finger jointed fir, with MDF of 4 mm, equipped with a 40 mm paper honeycomb core, plated with a 10/10 wood veneer. The case is in 48 mm fir. In addition to the various types of materials, there are also all the processings that can be made during the junction phase of the cut: horizontal, vertical, oblique grains. The production includes also engraved and pantographed doors, as well as aluminum inserts of various sizes and arrangements.

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