Single Modern House

Experience contemporary luxury in this residence with sliding and corner windows, larch fixtures, and innovative design.

In Altivole there’s a single residence with a modern architectural style built in 2018.

Our intervention involved the installation of new Paradigma bicomplanar windows, characterized by a perfect fusion of contemporary aesthetics and optimal performance. The fixtures, made of oiled and brushed larch wood, are the essence of this project. The choice of these materials offers strength and beauty, providing a natural and high-quality finish.

Particular attention was given to the study of the glass panel in the living area, in order to optimally manage the size of the glass panels, ensuring brightness and design.

This panoramic window was created with an internal wall sliding system, accompanied by a fixed frame and an angular upper glass panel that contributes to creating a unique atmosphere. The entrance was made with a boiserie effect, characterized by a continuous grain between the opening door and the fixed part, along with a contemporary design glass corner.

On the exterior side, there is a recessed handle in the door panel and a flush cylinder, ensuring a clean and contemporary appearance.

The internal doors, made of lacquered and brushed larch wood, have a reduced frame, ensuring continuity in the style of the dwelling, while a white glass door creates an interesting contrast.

In this dwelling, solar shading was an integral part of the project to guarantee thermal and visual comfort, and in this project it includes internal blinds within the glass and motorized blackout blinds for complete control over light and shading.

These details highlight the meticulous and personalized approach adopted to create a modern and welcoming single residence in Altivole, where each element was carefully designed to meet the client’s needs and improve the quality of life inside the dwelling.

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