Modern house

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In the quiet town of Vedelago, there is a modern single-family residence, built in 2016.

Our intervention focused on the installation of new wooden fixtures, characterized by an elegant aesthetic. The dark grey color of the fixtures creates a fascinating contrast with the modern architecture of the house. The installation involved both the external fixtures and the internal doors, giving the house a uniform and contemporary appearance.

The fixtures used for this project belong to the Assioma model, made of grey oiled and brushed larch. This choice gave the fixtures a sophisticated and natural look, further emphasized by the dark monoblock finish and the Paduan opening, which adds a touch of tradition. 

To improve the management of natural light, a filtering curtain was installed on an Imago sliding lift system. The main entrance was enhanced with a door with a blind door leaf and side fixed panels, creating a focal point at the entrance of the house.

This project stands out for its attention to design details and for the advanced functionality of the fixtures. The choice of grey oiled and brushed larch was made to create a blend between the natural appearance of wood and modern minimalism.

This project not only focuses on the aesthetic aspect but also offers a significant improvement in terms of living comfort.

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