Residential Single Family Home

Residenza dallo stile moderno in cui è stata posta particolare attenzione sulla scelta dei materiali dei serramenti.

In the picturesque context of Asolo, stands a modern and elegant single residence, built in 2018. This house embodies a modern and minimalist architectural style that captures the gaze of anyone who visits it.

The building is developed in three separate blocks, each with a specific function:

  • The central body houses a large living room and a contemporary kitchen that blend harmoniously to create a welcoming and functional space.
  • A metal-clad lateral cube has been designated as a relaxation room, an ideal place to unwind and enjoy the tranquility of the location.
  • The third block, characterized by facing bricks, constitutes the sleeping area, offering a comfortable and private environment.

n the window installation project of this single-family residence, particular emphasis has been placed on the choice of materials to guarantee durability and elegance. The main windows are made of a sophisticated mix of wood and aluminum, known as MIX model with a “flush with the wall” system. The main entrance, also made of wood, features concealed hinges for a clean and modern look. To protect and enhance the exterior appearance, an external microcement treatment has been applied.

The solar screens are made using filtering curtains, which allow the regulation of natural light and improve the energy efficiency of the house. The shutters in the back of the house are made of precious iroko wood, with an oiled finish that enhances their natural beauty. These shutters have a motorized system with sliding opening to maximize comfort and practicality. Furthermore, the external iroko cladding has been custom-made by our team, ensuring a perfect integration with the architecture.

The interior doors follow the same standard of elegance and sophistication, presenting a wall flush design in painted oak with an evocative mocha shade.

In the context of this project, we have also provided and installed a high-quality waterproof pergola, an element that adds aesthetic and functional value to the residence. This structure, crafted with utmost craftsmanship by Piccolotto Serramenti, offers an ideal place to enjoy the surrounding garden in any weather condition. With our attention to detail and the choice of high-quality materials, we guarantee that this Asolo residence is not only an expression of modern style but also an example of comfort and functionality.

The new fixtures and solar shadings significantly improve the energy efficiency and livability of this elegant residence.

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