New Family Home

Discover the allure of our recent renovation and installation windoew project in Mussolente with a New family home built in 2019.

We are proud to present one of our recent renovation projects in the charming town of Mussolente.

This modern single-family residence, built in 2019, underwent a renovation project focused on the installation of new fixtures and solar shading systems, aimed at improving both the aesthetic appearance and energy efficiency of the house. The project involved replacing the existing fixtures, installing solar shading systems, and creating an appealing entrance..

At the heart of this project, we carefully selected materials to ensure maximum quality and durability. The chosen windows are Padarigma bicomplanare model, with a brushed oak finish, painted according to the customer’s preferences. The solar shading systems were customized according to the needs of the house, with blackout curtains on the upper floor and sunscreens on the ground floor.

The main entrance is characterized by a door with an external coating made of kerlite (porcelain stoneware) and modern, fixed side panels, adding a touch of contemporary elegance to the architecture.

This project was conceived with a detailed and tailor-made approach, taking into account the residence’s specifications and the client’s preferences. n addition to the installation of new windows and solar shading systems, the project also included the construction of a waterproof outdoor pergola, a highly versatile and comfortable element that provides protection from the elements and a pleasant outdoor space for relaxation.

This project represents an excellent example of how attention to detail and customization can transform a modern residence into an oasis of comfort and style.

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