Single House

Explore the single house in Asolo (TV) built in 2021, featuring new fixtures with solar shadings and shutters for ultimate comfort.

In Asolo, there is a single residence built in contemporary style in 2021.

Our mission was to install new fixtures equipped with solar shadings and shutters to ensure maximum comfort for the client. Special attention was given to the all-glass doors, which create a combination of modern architecture and the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Additionally, we designed a wardrobe with integrated doors within the structure and a two-tone entrance to add distinctive elements to the house. Another distinctive feature of this project is the custom-made wardrobe with access doors to the bedrooms and bathroom.

IThe fixtures used for this project are the Assioma complanar model, made of bleached and brushed larch wood. This choice gives the fixtures a contemporary and natural look at the same time. The large windows are equipped with solar shadings, while the classic windows feature a wooden shutter in order to create an elegant touch. The fixed frames on the back of the house contributes to creating a striking panoramic view.

A significant element in this project is the rear glass window, which measures an impressive 277 x 470 cm. This imposing glass window offers a spectacular view of the surrounding “forest” while ensuring privacy with the help of a motorized external curtain.

This element was studied and meticulously crafted to meet the client’s specific requirements.

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