Residential Single Family Home

Piccolotto Serramenti installs new wooden fixtures with contemporary design, motorized curtains, and a motorized awning window.

In the characteristic town of San Zenone degli Ezzelini, stands a single-family home with a contemporary style, built in 2014. Our intervention focused on the installation of new wooden windows, which added a touch of warmth and naturalness to the house.

Solar shadings are motorized curtains, and were integrated to improve light control and energy efficiency of the house. The main entrance was designed as a focal point to welcome the entire project.

The fixtures chosen for this project are Assioma model, made of bleached fir wood. This choice gave the windows a contemporary and welcoming appearance.

The motorized exterior shadings were installed to offer maximum convenience and control over the internal brightness. The traditional entrance door was completed with fixed side panels and glass on the door, creating an inviting and bright entrance.

One of the distinctive aspects of this project is the attention to functional details. In particular, a motorized vasistas was installed in the kitchen, a system that facilitates the opening and closing of the windows. This solution not only offers greater comfort during daily use, but also contributes to the energy efficiency of the house.

The combination of contemporary design elements and advanced functionality makes this project an example of how modern technology can be integrated into a residential context, improving comfort and functionality.

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