Historical building in the city

We were privileged to be part of a prestigious renovation project in 2022 within a Historical building in the city center of Milan (MI)

In the heart of the vibrant center of Milan, we had the honor of participating in a prestigious renovation project in 2022 inside a historic building.

This property, with its elegant classical style, has benefited from the installation of new fixtures and solar shadings, an essential intervention to preserve its beauty while improving its energy efficiency. To comply with the external color schemes of the building, Nova Origine fixtures were chosen, with a sophisticated two-tone finish, while the shutters complete the intervention.

Nova Origine model, the protagonist of this project, has been selected to enhance the exceptional dimensions of the fixtures, with doors reaching an impressive height of 270 cm. These fixtures stand out for their timeless elegance and two-tone finish, which makes them perfectly harmonious with the surrounding architecture. The concealed hinges give them a clean and sophisticated look.

As for the solar shadings, Estella Classic anti-intrusion roller shutters have been installed, ensuring safety and thermal comfort.

This project stands out for its attention to detail, particularly evident in the meticulous study of interior decorations.

The Nova Origine fixtures have been customized with details that recall the classical style of the building, including a central strip, baroque design glass stops, and custom decorative frames. These added elements contribute to preserving the authenticity and elegance of the historic palace. The combination of imposing dimensions and refined decorations makes this project an extraordinary example of how art and functionality can coexist harmoniously in a historic residence in the heart of Milan.

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