Rustic single family house

Custom-designed wooden fixtures. Residence designed based on solar orientation with motorized sunshades and filtering curtains.

At Altivole, there is a unique single-family residence built in 2016. The house is characterized by the use of wooden windows, which gives warmth and elegance to the environment.

The windows used for this project belong to the Assioma model, made of natural tinted larch wood. The choice of wood gives the windows a natural and harmonious look with the surrounding environment.

To ensure optimal management of natural light, motorized sunscreens and filtering curtains have been installed. A detail of great relevance is represented by the asymmetric sliding glass door of the Imago model, made upon specific request from the client. Furthermore, the entrance door with double opening leaves creates a welcoming and functional entrance to the house.

The internal doors have also been personalized in different colors, including blue, pink and yellow, upon request from the client, adding a touch of originality to the house.

This project is particularly interesting for its highly personalized approach to design. The residence has been conceived based on solar orientation, ensuring optimal use of natural light and solar energy.

Attention to detail, such as the choice of materials, the design of the windows, and the management of light, make this residence an excellent example of architecture.

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